ASCENT Conclave


Mona Menon

CEO, Marshalls Enterprise India Pvt. Ltd.
Retail – Wallpapers
Family Business
Trust Group – Evolve

It’s a great platform to connect with like minded Entrepreneurs, looking at scaling up their enterprises and sharing each other experiences. A great Trust Group Forum. I have learnt and continue to learn about how each one of us runs his business his way, it helps in understanding a new perspective of doing things.

Tejash Shah

Partner, King Metal Works
Manufacturing – Fabricated Metal Product (Kitchenware)
Family Business
Trust Group – KICKASS

It is a fantastic experience,we all able to share the challenges we face in the business and life and are able to learn by sharing. Entrepreneur is no longer alone.

Dilip Jain

CEO, Ratnaakar Estate Developer Pvt. Ltd.
Real Estate – Development of Industrial Parks
1st Generation Enterprise
Trust Group – K2

ASCENT has been a great platform for networking and sharing of experience. This has exposed me to the new world. Also, there is no interest or conflict of interest amongst members and thus, the experience has been much more open, unbiased, meaningful, credible and TRUST worthy. I have formed this new venture for developing Industrial Parks within 3 months of association with ASCENT and have successfully raised Venture Capital for the same.

Niloy Debnath

Managing Director, First Rain Exhibits India
Advertising Marketing
1st Generation Enterprise
Trust Group – Blue Ocean

Its an excellent platform to share and learn from like minded professionals from a diverse group. The support system is great. Its amazing to learn about the very different challenges that the various participants face in their business operations. Also the group is a great moral support.

Akhilesh Bhargava

Packaging Industry
A Family Business
Trust Group – K2

Sharing our constraints and challenges have helped me find solutions by listening to others experiences. We had a guest speaker from the film industry, he had taken an approach which was totally unheard of - building content for 5 years and then waiting to encase it at almost negligible investments. The story was very very encouraging.

Sanjay Toshniwal

President, Marisa International
Paper Stationery
1st Generation Enterprise
Trust Group – Tigers

Huge learning on best practices in the field of HR, Accounts, Retail, Brand, funding options. Great feedback from fellow members on various issues. Also huge resource base for knowledge gurus who can help and guide in developing your business model. Overall a huge positive impact. Just understanding other business models is a unique learning experience. Trusting people completely who you just connected with was a very different experience.

Harshad Daswani

Partner, Fountainhead Exports
Manufacturing, Retail – Beach and resort fashion
1st Generation Enterprise
Trust Group – Zoomers

The Trust Group empowers the sharing of ideas and viewpoints on success and failure narratives. The focus to look inward is articulated, and to spend time thinking of areas of excellence and areas that need improvement both within ones organisation and internally within yourself. Our social interaction post our group sessions is where a lot of the learning takes place showing that although it is lonely at the top, everyone else is too.

Vishaal Shah

CEO and Founder, Phi Creative Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Technology – Software - Interactive Communication Agency
1st Generation Enterprise
Trust Group – 212 Degrees

Great bunch of friends for life. People whom I can draw upon for advice and suggestions. Friends with whom I can bare my self without the fear of being judged. Someone to whom I can go to for serious discussions and fun time. Look forward to our monthly meetings every month. I always wanted to introduce a performance score card for myself. Being an entreprenuer and CEO who monitors us. We discussed the idea and the group Created a score card which all of us use. We are using it as a test run for Jan to March 2014 and then from April 2014 it shall be used religiously to monitor the impact of our efforts on our business and how it shall also be an interesting way to monitor how ASCENT is helping us.

Atul Tibrewala

CMD, Cartridge Junction India Pvt Ltd.
Computer Product Manufacturing, Managed Print Services
1st Generation Enterprise
Trust Group – Agni

The ASCENT format exposes Entrepreneurs to 9 other Trust Group members from Diverse Businesses of Different Sizes. This has brought about a Paradigm shift in Individual Thinking, Approach and Execution of ones own Business. The added exposure to a wider group of Entrepreneurs across Trust Groups as well as the KG sessions are Fueling Growth in a shorter time span. The Offsite Trust Group meeting that our Group Agni did was intense, intellectually stimulating and an Ice breaker in more ways than one. Another exciting meeting was the last meeting where we discussed how the Trust Group can reinvent itself, set individual goals for 2014, monitor each members growth, address each members challenges and obstacles to growth.

Ratnesh Javeri

MD, Innovative Systems and Solutions Pvt Ltd.
IT/ITES – Audio Visual and Information technology Systems Integration
1st Generation Enterprise
Trust Group – Eagles

Being first generation businessman before being part of ASCENT Trust group was like learning by trying, testing and making mistakes. As a part of the Trust Group-Eagles the real business help is available just by asking. It changed the business perspective.

Sanjay Dedhia

Executive Director, Mitsu Chem Pvt. Ltd.
Plastic Products Manufacturer
A Family Business
Trust Group – Fenix

We are manufacturers of Plastic Blow Molded and Injection Molded articles like Industrial Containers, Auto Parts, Furniture Parts, Medical Devices etc. ASCENT is a powerful platform for me to help me learn in a big way and look at the things very differently as I have an illusive opportunity to learn from successful Enterpreuners from their experiences and sharing. ASCENT is a very organized, Intelligently structured and well desciplined programme being conducted by highly motivated and young enthusiastic people under the guidelines of Mr. Harsh Mariwala, the main pillar of ASCENT. The “NO GYAN, only Sharing from your own experience” policy is unique and exciting as most of us have tendency to advice others. This is very thoughtful initiative. The take-aways of the meetings are unique and every time you learn something new and unexpected. I am proud to be part of a Trust group.

Atul Maheshwari

Executive Director, Lactose India Ltd.
Chemical Manufacturing – Pharmaceuticals
A Family Business
Trust Group – Empower

The Trust Groups have helped me to make decisions faster as once shared my issues or apprehensions with them, there is different logic applied by the various fields of Business entrepreneurs, making me more confident to make faster and better decisions. One of our Trust Group Members, had a Major fire in his Plant, gutted everything and he came for the meeting 2 days later, with so much calm and peace of mind, it was just amazing. It taught us a Big Lesson on how Entrepreneurs need to be Calm in challenging situations.

Ajit Panicker

CEO, Nova HVAC Systems India Pvt Ltd.
Air-conditioning and Lighting Solutions
A Family Business
Trust Group – Synergy

In business I often felt alone, with limitations on who you can discuss freely your ideas and apprehensions on your business and personal plans. Being part of ASCENT Trust Group - Synergy has given me the forum to discuss and learn from friends. Often during discussions, hearing from another entrepreneur on how he handled a particular situation is an eye-opener and opportunity to learn and improve your skills. Having been in family business I have always had this inner fear that I was never strong on the financial front and would always had to depend on another person to analyze and take business decisions. This kept worrying me till I realized in one of my trust group discussions that all of us felt the same, one of the members got a professional to do a short 3 hour session on ABC of entrepreneurial finance and it was an eye opener and learning for all of us.

Sanjaya Mariwala

Managing Director, Kancor ingredients Ltd.
Food and Drink, Health care
Family Business
Trust Group – V Win

It was so exciting to meet aspiring and young-at-heart entrepreneurs and know their views from a VERY DIFFERENT ANGLE. The excellent and crystal clear speech given by Manak Singh was really exciting as well. The concept of ‘Growth by Design’ itself was so exciting.I learnt lots of things in those few hours. I got new avenues to think upon and new ideas to work on.

Ankit Mehta

Co-founder CEO, IdeaForge Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Electrical Equipment Manufacturing – Aerospace and Defense
1st Generation Enterprise
Trust Group – InspHIGHER

It is a good experience to learn from the experiences of peers. Especially noteworthy is each individuals treatment to the same problem and how that transforms your own thinking over time. A lot of times the discussions lead to the removal of the fear of the unknown in certain areas of business. One feels enriched by listening to innovative solutions to mundane problems. Induction of new members always ups the energy of the group. Sometimes one gets to visit unexplored places with the Trust Group.

Munawwar Sharifi

Interior design
1st Generation Enterprise
Trust Group – Stewpid

While the world and me were crying recession blues, there was a world in ASCENT saying scale up. The optimism has motivated me to stay put when there was a major downturn in the scaling up curve of our business. The trust group dynamics are awesome given each member comes from different industries. Also the fact that we cannot do business among ourselves which ASCENT recommends, gives us the values of being with people for ourselves and others without expectation of business which most entrepreneur organizations mainly focus on like BNI.

Anand Baldawa

Executive Vice President, Seeba Group
Manufacturer of Stainless kitchenware
Family Business
Trust Group – Agni

For me, ASCENT has been a great experience, at many levels. Professionally, it has helped me discuss, in a trusted environment, issues that I faced as part of transitioning the family business from first to second generation. Personally, it has helped me connect with over 200 like-minded people at a grander level and 10 group members on a smaller scale. As a CEO, it is always lonely at the top, and ASCENT helps reduce that vacuum.



Vijay Chandok

President, ICICI

Ravi Tyagi

General Manager, SIDBI

ASCENT is a much needed initiative to provide a platform for entrepreneurs from various industries to share their experiences in a no-risk environment to seek feedback and learn from their peers. Institutions like CII/FICCI or trade associations provide facilitation and resources at an industry level, but promoters of small to medium sized businesses need more personalized interaction and support, and ASCENT’s format is much better suited for this.

Sandeep Singhal,
Nexus Venture Partners

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